Tint City’s Nano Ceramic Paint Protection offers your vehicle a durable ceramic clear coat that is harder than factory clear coating. Utilising revolutionary nano-technology it forms a permanent adhesion to your paintwork giving long lasting protection against the environment.

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What is Nano Ceramic Paint Protection ?

Nano Ceramic Paint Protection is a hard wearing ceramic clear coating that provides superior scratch resistance and protection for all factory paints and exterior surfaces. Its super hydrophobic properties make cleaning and maintaining your vehicle a breeze as any liquid will bead up and roll off along with any dirt particles.

How it works

When applied to painted surfaces, the nanometer particles embed themselves into the surface giving you a transparent, durable coating that protects your vehicle against corrosion, oxidisation, fading and cracking, UV rays and chemicals. It does all this whilst still maintaining a shiny and clear deep polished finish for up to 24 months, not to mention it is eco-friendly.

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  • An effective barrier against damaging UV rays.
  • Minimal time spent cleaning treated surfaces.
  • Resistant to harmful chemicals that affect paintwork.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Maximises appearance.
  • Extreme durability for scratch and chip resistance.
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