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Many of our customers return to us every time they purchase a new car. Why? Because we work with all of our customers to provide the best film at competitive prices. We use the finest brands in the industry to ensure top-notch performance. 


With solar window film applied to your windows you and your family are protected from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Our solar window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet light while reflecting and absorbing up to 75% of solar heat. Blocking this harmful light and heat can make a huge impact on your energy bill and your level of comfort. It can also protect your carpet and furniture from fading.

Commercial & Construction

Architects, interior designers, commercial property owners and facility managers increasingly rely on solar window films, security window films and designer window tints to enhance commercial buildings. After all, they know, as you do, that window film technology can greatly improve the overall comfort, style, and privacy of any work space, while providing energy savings which can’t be beaten.

Safety & Security

Our commercial-grade window films provide anti-graffiti and anti-burglary barriers while creating a clean, modern look which enhances any retail storefront. Gain extra protection from disasters while improving the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your retail store or office by asking us about our safety and security window films today.

Window Tint Removal

Unfortunately, not all window tinting companies are created equal. Some of them ultimately create more problems than they solve. If your tint has bubbles or has turned purple, you may need to take advantage of our tint removal service. Contact the professionals at Tint City; we can restore your windows to their original condition.

Graffiti Shield

Graffiti Shield provides products that can protect glass, mirrored and metal surfaces from all kinds of graffiti and scratching/etching damage, including acid etching. These sacrificial films can be removed if ruined, and a new clean film installed for a fraction of the cost of replacing a window or mirror.

Paint Protection

The first scratch hurts the most. So prevent the pain and keep your car looking newer longer with one of highest quality, most durable clear bra paint protection films in the industry. High-gloss and virtually invisible to the naked eye, Tint City’s film shields your car from the damages of everyday driving. It’s the ultimate defense against road rash.


Window tinting can be a great addition to your boating experience. If you love travelling the high seas with your family or want to stop the glare through the windows on your next fishing trip, contact us and we’ll be glad to help. Your windows will look great whilst reducing the risk of harmful UV rays.


Window films are no longer just for cars. The industry has – and continues to – evolve. Today’s window films offer a plethora of benefits for your home, your office and your vehicle. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and even materials. Below are some of the great reasons why solar window tint is a good idea.


Window films help protect and improve your home, business and vehicle by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB sunrays; providing an additional layer to clear or decorative adhesive to strengthen glass, protecting it from natural or human disasters such as burglaries, and by increasing your privacy so you can see out but outsiders can’t see in.


Did you know window film lowers energy costs? With the ever increasing cost of energy, window film can save homeowners up to 40% on cooling costs alone, and provide annual energy savings up to 15% in commercial buildings. Window film's insulating properties can even help you in the colder months by keeping the heat in.


Window films enhance your space to make it more comfortable, cozy, private and even artistic. Too much light? Films take care of that. Need more light? Films take care of that. Temperature control a problem? Films take care of that. Films offer affordable alternatives to improve your comfort, style and privacy at home, at work or in your vehicle.


Clear or decorative adhesive has been proven to strengthen glass and hold it together if shattered preventing injury. Window films also increase your privacy. For example, they allow you to see out, but don’t allow outsiders to see inside. For many retailers, tinted films offer protection from outside threats like forced entry and vandalism.

Tinting Film Shades Explained

To put things simply, the percentage associated with each type of film is directly related to the amount of light that can pass through the film. For example, if you have a 35% film, that means that only 35% of light will be allowed through the glass.